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We love information design and so we call ourselves information artists. Our work ranges from branding internet startups to working with the USAID to help prevention of school dropouts to helping promote openness and access to knowledge on the internet.

Tanpura Machine


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Manilla →

Cool refreshing mango smoothie

Jambo →

Thick, rich banana smoothie

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An evening dessert

Everyday, more people than the population of Hong Kong, commute on the Mumbai suburbuan railway system

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Keyboard designed by Renaud Mignerey from The Noun Project     /     Guitar designed by Gustavo Perez Rangel from The Noun Project     /     Monitor designed by Cengiz SARI from The Noun Project     /     iPad from The Noun Project     /     iPhone from The Noun Project     /     Cat designed by Richard Zeid from The Noun Project     /     Printer designed by Sam Ahmed from The Noun Project

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We're available for commissions, collaborations or just a cup of tea.
Call us on +91 9882 506 138 or drop us an email on hi@folography.com

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